Saturday, 21 May 2016


It feels blessed to live in a place where green meadows abound and fresh morning dew greets you on a bright spring day. The cold and dark winter is now replaced with the vibrant glow of spring. It is welcoming. It is exciting. It’s a different world unfolding before your very eyes. It promises a new life.

A friend got a new kidney at the end of winter but lost a father. It was like an exchange  of  life at the deathbed. A dying man’s wish is a gift of life to a beloved daughter is granted. Hope springs a new beginning, her wait is over.

Birds in cheer.

A row of cherry blossoms brings delight.

A cup of tea prompts to sit still and reminisce the unwavering promises of a loving Father who does not leave nor forsake when one walks in the valley even in the shadow of death, His presence is light on the path.

There is no fear but love.

He sees the pain. He hears the groan.

He talks in whisper. He heals when he touch.

He gives new life.

Joy and thanks and faith are now a constant companion. Inseparable. Triple delight. No more concealing pain and sorrow. The cloud of uncertainty is now a thing of the past. The chair that rocks worry is now empty. The face now exudes a radiant smile.

The honey tastes sweeter.

The water tastes more refreshing than before and it abounds from a fountain of eternal spring source, so that when you drink you will never be thirsty again. He gives new life. Even to those who seem to have given up all shall receive when they believe. And experience the fullness of joy where pain and suffering once thrived in.

The clock moved forward.

The evening becomes brighter and longer. The kids playing outside are happy. Their faces beaming with endless smiles and laughter. There is so much enthusiasm in them when together with friends. They cannot be contained from now on, they will want to go out again tomorrow... and the next day. It’s like a new life is breathed on them. It is Springtime.

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