Wednesday, 8 June 2016

When you long to be set free

I hear those birds sing happy tunes, every morning. I see them fly out to the sky and back to rest on roof tiles and tree branches. And away they go again to where their wings lead them. 



These ones I see, they’re beautifully robed with their coloured feathers. Their pretty little toys hanging around them. A tiny hut is a cosy shelter. Yet, I don’t hear them sing. I hear scream. No gentle chirp but a loud beep. The longer I stay close, the sound becomes disturbing. And, I can see why.

Cage. There is no sky to stretch it’s wings to fly. No one sees it’s real state. After all it’s just a pet, admired for it’s beauty. There is no need to see it fly by and away.
Aren’t there many of us in the same state? 

Deceived by beauty and admiration. Trapped.

Hurt but no one knows.

Broken but no one sees.

Cry out for help but no one hears.

And long for someone to know we’re hurt.

For someone to see we’re broken.

For someone to hear our cries.

He knows our hurts.

He sees us broken.

He hears us cry for help.

He will help us be free.

Jesus is the truth that set us free. John 14:6

He offers life in its fullness. John 10:10

No traps or cages. But freedom, full of grace and truth, glorifying and life-sustaining. 

There is still time to soar the heights and experience joy.       

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